When God Sneaks Up on You in the Land of Surprises!

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My Heart Miracle

Have you ever had God sneak up on you? I’m talking about a time when He did something that you wanted Him to do but you’re not really sure when He did it. It could be a personal change, a healing for yourself or someone else, a financial breakthrough or anything really. I’ve encountered a couple things recently about “His Sneakiness” that were near and dear to my heart. Literally.

Background for a Miracle

Twenty-three years ago I had some cardiac issues begin. I had no idea what produced them since I was a young man. I was diligent to go have them checked out with all the tests. Over several years, catastrophic side effects resulted from one of the meds that was prescribed. They snowballed into becoming other major health issues that took years to recover.

I wanted restoration from the beginning. I’ve used wellness to recover my health yet I longed to be completely healed so I could live life as actively as I desired. I had lost that opportunity with my kids when they were growing up.

If I slightly exerted myself, ate a meal or would just get up and walk from one room to another my heart would beat very hard like it was coming out of my chest, accelerate; skip beats and if I kept at it eventually chest pains. I would have to stop what I was doing to catch my breath and recover. I had to learn to adjust to live with it while making lifestyle changes. The meds were just a tow truck to get me out of the ditch.

What Happened?

My family doctor had been telling me consistently for a couple years that I had a heart murmur. So I took that as a queue this time to follow up on things. I was referred for some tests with The Heart Center at Huntsville Hospital to just make certain all was well as I approached my 55th birthday.

On the day of my appointment while on the way I prayed for healing. I mentioned every area of my body needing healing and lastly almost as an afterthought I said, “Oh yeah, Father, would you please heal my heart.”

When we reached the peak of the stress test at nearly eleven minutes the Nurse Practitioner asked, “Is your chest hurting, Mr. Wade?” I replied, “No! I wonder why not? It’s always acting up by now!” I hadn’t noticed since it didn’t demand my focus. I had been concentrating on my breathing and keeping up with the treadmill. I felt like I was a little winded. I didn’t feel bad. And…it wasn’t hurting at all. I’m surprised at this point.

I didn’t know what to think. It was like taking a car that is acting up to the mechanic only for it to work perfectly. I was told after all the scans and tests that everything looked good. There didn’t appear to be any concerns and the nurse would call with the results. I’m thinking “Hmm…” as I look at my watch while saying thank you and leaving.


Over the next week I tested and pushed myself physically to see if this new thing was in fact consistent before I testified. I wanted to be certain and not hasty. Everything was different. It was normal. I hadn’t felt normal in such a long time that it was odd. I’m still observing to see what normal feels like.

I received a follow-up call one week later from the cardiologist’s nurse. She said all my tests were normal with no signs of anything unusual. There was no blockage, no leaking valves, no concerns and no erratic heart beating. Everything was within normal ranges and the blood flow was great. It was official! I had proof that I was healed!

God had set me up! He snuck up on me! I had no idea I was healed until it was observed by others for me to notice it. Wow! He healed me and gave proof of it so I wouldn’t question it.

Miracles and Favor!

It was very surreal for days. I’d gotten so used the conditions I had to live with. While discussing it and pondering I posed a question, “I wonder why God chose to do this now?” As quickly as I asked, the answer came. The Lord said, “I did it now so you would know that I’ve got you in this transition.”

The next day I heard Him say, “Surprises! Surprises! Surprises!”

Shifting into the New

Everything has been shifting in my personal and professional life due to the Lord promoting me through transformational process. Along with new ventures come fears and excitement all at the same time for a while. You have to then be focused and plow through the fears to get to the flow of God’s miracles and favor that follow your assignment.

It can get a bit dark, negative and fearful. Those emotions are attached to the past and the fears of a future unlived yet. They must be ignored and left behind. The fear left after He spoke. It pushed me over into only seeing the possibilities of God to create the future I had been seeing and desiring. I wonder what is He going to do next? My anticipation is evidence that there has been a breakthrough.


So what did I discover?

First, the way I prayed was so simple and easy that there was no way for me to take credit for making it happen with my wording or special prayer even if I wanted to.

Next, God’s timing is an impeccable reminder of what He spoke to me in 2010 about where I was headed as I obeyed Him through the furnace. He made Himself known with the assurance that my footsteps are ordered by Him and in His timing.

Lastly, He removed my anxieties over failure during a very crucial but fulfilling time of establishing.

Work From Rest

He wants me to carve out my niche that was prophetically spoken over me. It will be work from a place of rest as He does it through me. I see the opportunity in the midst of challenge and change. I see that the time is crucial for me to be attentive and create what He speaks. I’m excited and anticipating what He will do next.

Your Place of Promise

I knew I was crossing over into the fulfillment of the promise of God for my life. What has He promised you? Surprises are in your place of promise. Wherever and whatever that may be to you. Look for the unseen possibilities of God with expectancy! He’ll get you there. Let Him guide you.

“And we desire that each one of you show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end, that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”  Hebrews 6:11-12

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