What is Fresh Vision?

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Recently, I was taking care of a few errands. With hands on the wheel and my morning coffee beside me, I was asking the Lord what He would like me to write on next amidst all the things running through my thoughts that I’d been pondering. While taking care of business I was asked two questions by two different business people.

“What is Fresh Vision?” and “So, what is it that you’re doing now, Bret?”

I had been asked both by others, had been thinking about them and considering how to answer both more concisely. But I sensed as I was asked both questions on that Monday morning that I was in a divinely orchestrated encounter to provide direction. I’d like to answer those today including one more that I feel is also being asked…

“Why now?”

Let’s start with…“What is Fresh Vision?”

Over three decades, I’ve committed myself to a completely consecrated life walking closely with Holy Spirit. My passion has always been that I might know God, know His voice, and live my life empowered by His Spirit. I wanted to be a man of God led by God. It didn’t matter to me if I was in business or ministry. What mattered to me was that I knew He was guiding me and that I lived what He wanted me to live. I constantly return to that and dedicate myself anew to the purpose for which He created me and to the next level that I’m being presented.

Fresh Vision is my passion! It’s to Inspire Insight for the Body of Christ to live above and beyond what most have accepted as the normal level of living life. I’ve always built people and hardly ever focused on building and perfecting the church model itself. Though it has been a distraction here and there along the way. My focus has been empowering people to be successful in every sector of society to which they were called. My mandate is to build strong people and to train trainers for the 21st century. People need to follow the ancient wisdom and ways of God but also apply them in our contemporary lives, societies and world.

My entire life has been through His rigorous transformational life-changing process. I’ve had to learn how to die to myself and embrace His resurrection power for living. I know how to apply principles, see patterns, understand and grasp process and discover purpose – all for living at a much higher effective level. I’ve become my message. You might say, “So what does that mean, Bret?” It means I’m not looking for a topic. I live my topic. It means I’m living out the purpose for which I was created – to Inspire Insight. I want people to “get it and live it”. Fresh Vision is all about making what I know and what I’m continuing to learn available to you.

“So, what is it that you’re doing now, Bret?”

After 25 years as a spiritual leader with ministry as my vocation, I can look back and plainly see that the local church itself served as a vehicle for me to be developed in the gift that I am to the Body of Christ. During those years, I walked through the process of God to learn the principles and applications that are not commonly taught from within the four walls of our local churches to transform lives and insure success.

As a result of the path the Lord has me on, I’m now devoting the rest of my life to lead a people to possess their inheritance. It’s time for me to leave a legacy. I was created for this purpose. This is my Promised Land. I’ve prepared all my life for the time ahead of me.

Transformational Trainer

As a transformational trainer, I lead people in the process of transforming their lives, their ministries and their businesses. God is moving me from overseeing a church to training the larger Body of Christ to be successful in every area of life by leading them in what I live. As transformation has come to my life, it has also come to everything I know.

Why Now?”

Transitions are a great part of that process. I learn from them by getting to observe as I experience them. Transitions happen as you leave one area and go into another as you cross the threshold. There’s decrease in what you’re leaving and an increase in what you’re entering into. In my case, it’s the difference in how and what I use to deliver the message and the gift that I am into the earth.

Visionary Leader

As a visionary leader, I sustain long-term vision with focus, strength and stamina for every area of life while walking it out guided by God’s hand. I’ve lived this way for many years as a minister and an entrepreneur. I teach and demonstrate how to create the visual in your life as I train people to be visionaries. It’s not about the church things we’ve known. It’s not about prophets or the prophetic. It’s about our original design. We are all visionaries designed to follow His voice and live by His Spirit life within us regardless of our specific function. But we’ve got to know how. That’s where I come in to assist you in what I’ve learned through firsthand experience over thirty years. I mentor through media and meetings.

Catalytic Thought Leader

As a catalytic thought leader, what I teach is activated during the training process as mindsets are adjusted and principles are applied. I carry an anointing that acts as a catalyst to bring effective change. I’m constantly learning, growing and being challenged to live out the ultimate – my original design. While learning these I grow in accepting myself and how I function which brings joy and contentment to be me. Living outside of the box is a process of adventurous discovery of learning how to look at things differently. There are two questions we all ask. “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” – Identity and Purpose. I’m going to teach you how to discover both and walk in them.

Creating Courses & Resources

I’m also a creative person. I’m creating the resources necessary for online access. I am continually writing down my thoughts and ideas for the various projects that I’m being divinely instructed to develop for building people. As this transition and transformation continues, there will be articles, audio and video resources, online courses, webinars, online events and live events.

Fresh Vision is about opening your eyes to see things clearly as they were designed. It’s for you to walk out the life that you’ve been empowered to live. Rock solid lives do not happen out of miracles alone. They happen out of intention. You must be purposeful in your pursuit.

Expand your understanding! Let’s go beyond what you’ve experienced and go deeper where the depth of God is calling out to the depth in you! Let’s get started!

Inspiring Insight,



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Bret Wade is a spiritual thought leader, strategist and entrepreneur with over three decades of apostolic ministry experience. He successfully mentors in the discovery of identity and purpose that you may be transformed while living God’s voice and vision to effectively become your message to fulfill your mission. Bret creates awakening and awareness through his writing, speaking, online courses and memberships. He’s an avid observer, researcher, and contemplative man with a passion for cooking, traveling, new adventures, people and cultures.