Seeing the Unseen Possibilities of God

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Encountering God as a visionary is one of the most exciting ventures I’ve ever undertaken. Maybe you can relate to this first in a series article describing the process He takes us through to give us the promise. I pray that you can. If you’ve not experienced this, I pray that you do. It’s an active part of living the presence of God in your journey. Enjoy!

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Prophetic Process – Part 1

“Jesus answered by quoting Deuteronomy: “It takes more than bread to stay alive. It takes a steady stream of words from God’s mouth.””  Matthew 4:4, MSG

While religion tries to relate to God only through text and quasi forms of worship, we cannot deny that it must begin and end in our walk with Him. Our theology is also very experiential. It should be ever growing and changing. Each time we see Him as He is, we change. As we experience Him in greater dimensions, He reveals Himself to us that we may behold His glory and become like Him.

Yet all the while, there are those who feel they must help us to not go too far. For me it’s too late. I’ve fallen in love with Him over and over again so many times that it’s useless to tell me that one can go too far with Him. Yet religion’s fear is that there is a point of no return that we may possibly experience and never be the same. Religion fears that we might have a God encounter.

God Encounter

You feel it coming. It’s on the horizon but it can’t be seen yet. What is this that you’re feeling deep inside of you? It can’t be put into words yet but it feels like it is calling your name. It’s so deep that it catches your attention and disrupts your normal activity with deep yearning. It’s the prelude to a fresh encounter with God. He now has your attention as He comes on the scene with His arrival announced.

When God Promises

Throughout Scripture we see God separating a person out from among their peers to have an experience with Him. Within that experience, they see something about His character and His heart that totally transforms them. He refers to them as who He sees them to be. It rattles every preconceived notion that is contrary to that moment in time. To Moses, it was Deliverer. To Abrahm, it was Father of Many Nations. To Gideon, it was Mighty Man of Valor. To David, it was Man After My Own Heart.

Then the promise comes. It’s when God has made the promise that we can rest assured that there is going to be a journey of discovery and adventure. The challenge will be to live in a way not lived before. The journey begins with the sudden awakening that the experience will lead to true identity.

He still does all of this with us today. He trains us through these experiences to live in a greater place than what we have been taught. Is it any wonder that those who haven’t experienced Him in these things think that something is wrong when we do?

Deep is calling to deep for a greater expression of the kingdom of God through us. When a deep place in you is calling out to that deep place in God only one thing can happen. Going deeper. He is the Guide. We certainly cannot fail when we stay on course.

The Focal Point

There are times when God prepares us for a long season ahead by speaking the promise first to provide a focal point. He does that because He is strengthening our resolve to remain on course and focused until the promise is fulfilled. Hunger will fuel our path to be all that He is speaking to us.

To get us on the path He desires for us to now follow, He will disrupt our paradigm with views outside of what we have known. He will confront us so He can change our posture on them. He opens our ability to see our world through His perspective. We must be diligent to walk these things out with Him and have clarity as we begin the journey that follows.

It’s when we are pondering and trying to come into alignment with what He is adjusting in us that He begins speaking the promises. He speaks the fulfillment of dreams and desires we have carried since our youth. Some of which are personal and some professional. But all of them integrated in simplicity comprising who we are.

The Journey is the Destination

Major life course changes come at this time. It’s time to answer the call after some prayer and fasting to consecrate ourselves to walk what He is speaking and stay on course in His timing. We are going where He is leading and we cannot get there without Him realigning and transforming us as our Guide & Teacher. We cannot get there on our own. We are being called to a higher place in Him where the journey is the destination.

The work that He will do in us during that time is so tremendously deep and lasting that it’s difficult to describe. It’s literally joy unspeakable and full of glory. We get to experience being changed from glory to glory in a moment in the twinkling of an eye. Everything that He wanted to address that stands in the way will be healed or removed until we become what He spoke in the beginning to do what He promised.

It’s His process to change typical behavioral mindsets and patterns that hinder us differing from being healthy and of His Spirit. From beginning to the end, throughout the journey, we learn a lot about ourselves and a lot about our Lord.

What has He spoken to you? That same Voice who began by speaking deep inside of you will continue to lead and guide you every step of the way.

What promises has He made to you? Don’t lose sight of them. They are for now and not for another time. They are your destiny.

Destiny is now. It’s every daily step as we walk with Holy Spirit on the journey that He takes us on. Where is yours taking you?

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