My Quantum Leap Finale

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Entering Prophetic Promise

As I’ve walked through a lengthy transformation that included my personal and professional life over the past several years, it’s been an open demonstration of walking out the prophetic word and process. God is taking His Body through healing, purging and recalibration that we may go from glory to glory experiencing Him in a realness unprecedented by our past. Being one who creates the visual for others to follow is not always comfortable.

Ministries tend to polish things up so they look like they planned every step out of a manual. The problem with that is that it’s not real life. When others are following, they need to see exactly what will be encountered along the way. The promises function by principles we often miss and are often surrounded by pitfalls that we blindly step into in our haste.

If you read my previous blog updates, you’ll see some of the processing going on as I pursued clarity with Holy Spirit on what He was saying to me in past prophetic words and also in the present. Here’s some of what I’ve experienced in recent months. I’ll write more about the prophetic process in a series following this post.

Anyone who has known me for any length of time would know that I have been pastoring for nearly twenty-five years. As a prophetic minister with an apostolic call, pastoring was only part of my work as I served in many local, national and global functions.

I’ve known through a prophetic word that I received twenty years ago all the stages of ministry that I would go through. The final stage would be the Lord sending me “into His land”. That day has now come.

The Beginning of Transformation

The lengthy transformation process to transition me began in 2011. The Lord began speaking specifics to me about my identity, my function, and my next assignment with an action plan that was gradually laid out for me. The ministry experienced it along with me and has been totally transformed as well.

The Lord released me from pastoral responsibilities, duties, formats and mindsets in August 2016 through a very honoring prophetic word. I’d been feeling it coming for a while. The mindsets have been shifting ever since.

I’d been experiencing the divine tension of the old being worked out of me and the new being worked into me. It’s been quite a process of sifting through all I’ve known as a pastor becoming unacceptable for me any longer as I’m longing to fully embrace and engage with my new assignment and lifestyle.

We must never rush the process of the Lord. I gradually released my old function a little at a time as I was shifting. Clarity is vital for sure footing in new assignments and the awareness of the new corresponding identity.

On March 15th while out on a prayer walk, I had a rather sudden awakening. I had the realization that I was no longer a pastor. It was very freeing! It was finally real on the inside of me. I had shifted. I could now move forward.

“For the moment all discipline (being trained out of the old and into the new) seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭12:11‬ ‭ESV‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

I took the final step in this quantum leap in April, which had begun nearly two years ago. I stopped doing local meetings at Holy Spirit’s direction. We’re no longer conducting worship services since I’m no longer pastoring and the ministry is no longer functioning as a local church.

The remaining members of my church that made the transformation with me are now part of a weekly online mentoring group while more resources are being prepared. We’ve been on this journey together for a while.

Being a Visionary

My passion has always been to empower others in their potential giving them the tools, understanding and methods that I’ve proven to be effective for success. Over the years, I became my message. He developed me so I could develop others.

As a leader, I know what it takes to be spiritually accurate and in alignment with Heaven. My ear is tuned to walk with Holy Spirit in all that I live and do. I burn with passion to be a man of God filled with His presence, led by His Voice and knowing Him in every facet of my life. That is what I live.

I teach people how to be what I am and do what I do. I am a strong visionary leader. I’m now in new daily routines to create the products and resources through my writing and speaking for coaching and consulting services. I’m focused on developing visionary people and leaders.

Lastly, the Lord has also been speaking to me through a very large pinecone that I found recently in front of my home while out prayer walking. It is a giant among the normal sized cones that fell off the same tree. I asked why He had me find it? He impressed upon me that He was giving me a visual message. Pinecones represent eternal life, spirit, and revelation. It’s a male version of the tree since it is carrying the “seed”.

The time for me to realize my stature and effectiveness is now. It’s not about all the methods I can use to make things happen. It’s for me to trust and follow the Lord’s prompting. It’s time to get out there and let God open His opportunities to be presented. We enter our Promised Land with God’s perspective of our true stature. We eat our giants for bread. We’ve entered into an unprecedented season of miracles & favor! Time to accelerate! There’s no more time for pondering. It’s time to possess!

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