Moving Forward with Fresh Vision Training Center!

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Our ministry is changing! We have been given a new name and assignment! 

After much process, the Lord has brought all things full circle. In 1987, I actively began the journey of answering the calling to be a man of God. From the beginning my heart’s desire has been to build people to be strong overcomers, have deep relationship with Christ and to know their identity and purpose.  It’s been a long journey of adventurous discovery.

Through my ministry experience as a spiritual leader, I’ve remained true to the inherent design that the Lord wrote upon my heart from my birth.  I’ve never been a religious man in the sense of conforming to a system or restrictive limited thinking. Though I’ve tried it on and discovered that it didn’t fit me. I’m even more convinced of that today. I have always been a spiritual man seeking spiritual reality and Truth.

Through the many seasons of change in my life, I have not only seemingly fought to shed the skin of legalism placed upon me to be true to my original design but also resisted the plans others had for me to be and do what they had in mind.  Whether it was preconceived ideas of “church” or ministry preferences being superimposed, none of it lasted as the Lord directed my footsteps.

I’ve finally become my message in every way possible in my life. I teach and lead others from personal experience, knowledge and that which I live out of Holy Spirit conviction rather than just teaching Christian concepts that sound good but have no practical application or substance.  I’ve searched to possess the Words of Life. My quest has brought me to wholeness.

My purpose it to “Inspire Insight”. So much has been hidden for us to discover as treasure!  I simply want people to “get it and live it”! It’s built into me for the saints to “be” The Church and not simply “do” church. It’s time for us to fully make that shift!

I established Global Impact Ministries in 1999 after carrying it within me until God’s appointed time. It kicked within me like a baby in the womb. Walking through the years of growth and transformation I wept over sheep, fought off wolves, prophesied as I taught and pointed the direction. All the while seeing a greater purpose and building as a wise master builder according to the Heavenly vision.

In coming full circle, the Lord has shown me that my ending is hidden in my beginning. I’ve operated by a rabbinical model of an accomplished master teacher raising up disciples to carry on with greater impact in the world around them.  Love invests in another without expectations of reciprocation. It’s not whether they stay or go or perform according to the investment. Some stay and some are sent. My life’s work is for the sake of the kingdom that each individual receives what is his or hers. The ministry is transforming to take on the greater expression of the type of gift that I am to the Body of Christ.

With that being said, this past year has been a time of allowing the Lord to walk us through the final stage of becoming the “training center” He’s destined from the beginning. Discovering what that looks like has been the challenge since the only one who knows is the One that is causing the transformation. As He speaks we embrace what is spoken and adjust as we walk it out with Him.  There have been many questions but now the answers are coming as we gain the clarity of “seeing things clearly”.

This three-stage rocket is now entering orbit in its final stage. Since we started, we have had a new name every eight years. We began in ’99 as Global Impact. In 2007, the Lord spoke a week before our annual Impact conference that we were now The Realm. In this final stage, we are now in the process of establishing “Fresh Vision”.

There will be multiple facets of what we do. Fresh Vision will house both training and community. No longer hidden while in process, we will be more focused on building community among the saints, facilitating interaction among visionary leaders and providing training opportunities and resources for all both locally and online.

Fresh Vision Training Center serves as home for those who seek maturity in and are hungry for more of Christ and desire to experience His kingdom ways and purposes manifesting through their lives. We are a community of sons and daughters of the King who gather together in a networking fashion.  We are the Body of Christ who centers their lives on the finished work of Christ.

We are not a traditional brick and mortar church with positions, titles, committees or programs or an overly structured training center.  We are a community of various backgrounds focused on living the love, grace and truth of Jesus Christ in their various expressions. Our meetings are interactive and presence oriented. Those attending are welcome to volunteer to serve and function in their gifting. We have no formal membership, only rooting in with active participation. Fresh Vision Training Center is a simple house of impartation.

There’s more to this life we’ve been given than just attending and spectating. Discover Christ. Discover who you are and why you’re here. All are welcome to come experience the love of Christ without qualification or judgment.

Inspiring Insight,

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