Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis…has left the building!

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Amidst the deafening roar filling the coliseum the announcer would say, “Ladies and Gentlemen, ELVIS…HAS LEFT THE BUILDING”. It was an ecstatic, expectant people wanting just one more encore performance from the “King of Rock & Roll”. They didn’t want it to end. But the concert has ended and Elvis has left the building.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the church has left the building! Our ministry is now mobile! It wasn’t circumstances. It was design. Our time has finally come to be the training center and apostolic community He had in the works. The new day that the Lord placed deep within us years ago has transformed all we knew. There’s a new vision that wouldn’t allow anything to be, as we’ve known it. We’re repurposed, redefined, recalibrated, refocused and relaunched.

There will be no encore. We’re not as we were once before. Elvis has left the building! He didn’t stop singing or recording. He was still the King. He simply left the building. For Elvis staying in one location didn’t fulfill his purpose. Neither does it fulfill ours once transformation has come. Now there’s so much more. We’ve been mobile since June 1st. Gradual changes are happening every day as the ebb and flow of Holy Spirit gently shape us and guide our steps.

As we explore this newness that the Lord has given us, we chose to embrace being the church differently simply to be what He’s speaking. We’ve gone through His process and now it’s time to possess His promise. We’ll move beyond the paradigm of the local church to integrate with the Church of the locale. There will be new times, new locations and new ways of impacting lives as a house of prayer for all nations with the culture of the kingdom of God.

We have all been so impacted by the traditional church model that has been handed down to us in so many blatant and subtle ways that we compare every ministry against it without realizing that it’s futility. We try to dress it up and make it better. We innovate. We want an encore. Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! Bigger! Better! More lights! More sound! More video! More show! More concert! More smoke! More…mirrors…hmm. But that is a crisis. In the midst of it, we need more substance. Christ is that substance. The Church is not about entertainment. It’s about reproducing disciplined followers of Christ in every sector of society and every people group.

The challenges of living as a pioneering people are many. When moving in the ancient paths that are not so familiar to most of the modern Church, it can be a bit entertaining. During transitions people identify themselves by where they are in their thinking. Many in our city have passed by our old location of fifteen years and see our sign missing. Answering their inquiries seeing that we’ve moved often proves humorous when accompanied with blank stares, nodding heads with apologetic concern for our questionable future sometimes followed by an inevitable “what are you going to do now since you no longer have a church” not without having heard the new adventure we’re on. (I’m laughing now as I’m writing this. Silly rabbit, the church isn’t the building.) Others whisper that it’s the judgment of God that Bret Wade lost his church. (What?! Judgment?! Lost it?! Ha, ha! No! We mobilized it!) But when those who understand what God is doing in transformation these days are smiling, truly excited and asking for more details, it creates expectancy! I love sharing what the Lord is doing and what I do!

Here’s the scoop on the building … the Lord ordered our steps over two years as we prepared the building with a second renovation to update it. When we were working on it, I had an overwhelming sense that it was being prepared for someone else and kept voicing it. The question I had for so long of whether to keep the building or not was finally answered. We were challenged to launch into our long awaited quantum leap by squeezing the trigger and releasing the building back to our landlord at the beginning of this year. We gave the six-month notice designated by our lease.

The building had been made marketable with a totally new décor from the floors to the ceilings. It was exactly what we wanted and liked but our time there was up. The assignment we had in that building was completed. There was closure. A new assignment was being handed to us. The Lord processed our core group for the transition all along the way. A turnkey opportunity was prepared and arranged for another church to come in behind us. It was time to pass the baton to the third church in that space.

Several young growing churches loved the facility, as they looked it over trying to make it happen with the landlord. One church made the fit in late May. It all happened in a short period of time. Every step was divinely orchestrated. It was exactly what they needed. We had an eight-day notice to move and step into our new beginning. They said the design couldn’t have been closer to what they wanted. We sold our furnishings, appliances and equipment in the transaction. Our sound equipment was sown into another local church as a seed for our moving forward.

We now have a new office and recording studio. We are gradually acquiring equipment designed for mobility for our local meetings. We’re gearing up for a much stronger online presence to build strong people and leaders both locally and globally. We’re being directed in new networking opportunities with other local ministries as we branch out and explore the Lord’s leading. We have a very exciting future ahead of us!

In this hour, God is calling forth those who have been hidden in process to step up into a new place and dare to express Heaven on Earth. Pioneers of transformation have been prepared to lead the way for those who will follow behind them. It’s time to raise up and release the deliverers that will bring the needed changes and order to today’s society. Grassroots leaders are coming on the scene to demonstrate the kingdom of God in it’s simplest and truest of forms. Serving. Serving God and not the system. Transforming cities and lives.

We are kings and priests! It’s time for the saints to make decisions. It’s time to take action. Doing church is no longer acceptable. Being the Church is the only option. Being equipped and connected is liberating. Manifesting His glorious design and purpose is His promise being fulfilled through us. We’re expecting and experiencing miracles and favor! Join us! Arise. Shine! Possess the kingdom!

Inspiring Insight,

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