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I sometimes feel too good after I’ve sat down and ordered my day. Then I put it in my day planner all nice and neat so I can see it all in one place. It’s when I get the projects in time blocks and the task list in place that a sense of emotional well-being sweeps over me. Little did my emotions seem to grasp that I was going to blow those time blocks and hardly get any of the super unrealistically long task list checked off…as usual. Then I do it all over again the next day after I forward everything I failed to do on to the next day. Thus, I manage to waste time “building the business”.  

The Planner Became The Project

Oh, the subtly of the day planner becoming the project rather than being the tool. It’s then the realization kicks in again making me aware of the gift getting in the way. I have an innate desire to manage the projects. But it’s just not the same as accomplishing the project. Brainstorming is not building. And vision is not abstract. Creating and organizing are quite different. Creating can be messy. This blog post started as a social media post. But the longer I edit, the longer it gets. I am a creative after all.

Flowing With Purpose & Intention

Order is not about regimenting your day or the daily ritual routines you perform. It’s about flowing with purpose and intention. Can my day be ordered according to the Spirit’s ebb and flow? Which may look different for each of us. For creatives, it may be one way. For those working within a very strict environment’s operational guidelines, can we be ourselves while flowing in order rather than control? 

Forcing control in such areas of life creates frustration. “It is what it is” is heard often these days. Learning to flow with “what it is” can be a challenge for those of us who are performance and task-oriented as their life mode. What do you do when things happen and it makes it impossible for your daily thing to be done? What do you do on the day that technology isn’t working for you…at all? How do you respond when an urgent thing pops up and takes you away from what you were looking forward to getting accomplished?

Flow With Design

I’m learning how to flow better with how I was designed. It’s been a lifelong process of learning. I don’t do well with too much daily routine. I have to shake it up a bit to keep myself feeling interested in what I’m doing. If a block of time on my schedule loses its vitality, I’m on to the next thing that’s important. I’m learning to simply set work hours and flow with whatever grace is wanting to be expressed whether it’s writing, recording, broadcasting, designing or connecting with others.

I know what it is to work long hours but also knowing which project needs that focus. Changing things around on your schedule to days that you don’t normally do them is allowed. The difference is when you’re all work all the time and not resting or paying attention to other areas of life that things become toxic. Also, recognizing that not everything I think needs to be done. I tend to overload my projects and daily tasks regularly, but I’m discovering that I don’t always need to manage it, but simply flow. My plate is only so large and some things will just have to wait or be eliminated if I’m going to be focused on what is necessary.

Build Where God Builds

I remember how frustrated I was nearly twenty years ago (I still am some days…ha, ha… I’m still a work in progress) and I began asking the Lord why I wasn’t getting anywhere in the vision for the ministry that He’d given to me. I was very impatient and ready for it all to be in place happening…NOW! My schedule was full with planting a church, ministry network and traveling ministry. Nothing was moving. I felt purposeless. He asked me, “Bret, are you building according to the vision or where I’m building?”

I was stunned. It was so simple and relief came immediately. I started focusing on co-laboring with Him all the while having my eye on the horizon of where He was taking me. I have to remember that I’m not just doing this for Him. But we’re doing it together. We’ll get there. The pace is set. The vision will come to pass. But first, it had to be done in me before it could flow through me.

Thoughts, Ideas, and Pieces

My planner is no longer pretty. It’s a daily place of thoughts, ideas, and pieces of whatever creative project that I’m working on. It’s full of scratched out things. I’m drawing outside of the lines. It feels great. Projects are moving forward and things are getting done. All the many floating pieces are coming together. There is an order with my original design.  I’ve had to learn to be still and know that He is God. He designed me just as I am.

He knows just what you need today. He knows how you work best. He created you and He’ll guide you.  

Ask. Seek. Knock. Selah.

Inspiring Insight,

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