Be Still In This Global Crisis

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Come close to God, and God will come close to you. James 4:8

I believe that the condition of the Church is the genuine concern during this global crisis. The location of where we meet corporately is really up for the Lord to direct. We can move a meeting around from one location to another but if the condition doesn’t change, it’s all the same.

So what is the Lord wanting. Is He wanting to take us out of buildings? I hardly think that is the case. In some instances it may happen and may be necessary. Although, I think we need to not look at the circumstantial effects as the purpose. Rather, we need to look at what the Lord is saying in all of this.

For several years, the Lord has been sending leaders into seasons of being still and waiting upon Him. I often refer to them as cave seasons. Especially since it has isolation as a key element. Transformation in those times is the key objective of the Lord. It comes especially to those who are ready for it in their maturation process. Immense strength comes as a result of this disciplined response.

It’s these leaders who having learned the value of being still and waiting that the Lord is sending ahead of others to beckon them to do the same. Be still. Wait upon God. Be transformed. It’s with these that the greatest times of preparation come to our lives.

I encourage you to stop looking to the news and social media feeds for more and more information. Pull away today and begin to seek God in ways that you know He is directing you. Find out what is on His heart right now. Listen for what He wants to say to you.

He may not have an interest in revealing the answers for global crisis to you. He may want to simply prepare you to hear him in the slightest of whispers so He can direct you when there’s so much noise in the world. The answers you and I need are quite simple. Having the clarity in crisis to align our hearts as His sons and daughters rather than being so busy is vital.

Listen. Discover the one thing is He speaking to you today. He will keep you in peace and joy as you seek Him.

Inspiring Insight,

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